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  • Ningbo Gdoor System Control Technology Co., Ltd.

  •  [Zhejiang,China]
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  • Main Mark: Asia , East Europe , Middle East , Other Markets , Worldwide
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  • Certs:CE, ISO9001, GB, OHSMS, ISO14001
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Ningbo Gdoor System Control Technology Co., Ltd.

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About Us

Ningbo GDoor specializes in intelligent entrance and building system solutions services We offer integrated solutions in all facets of automatic door systems and access control systems Ningbo GDoor has devoted to establishing hi tech automatic door brand around the world In 2015 GDoor combined with KBB s advanced technology manufacturing team sales team installation and maintenance team based on 22 years professional accumulation to rebuild the team and create a new brand In 2016 Ningbo GDoor decides to find new automatic door agents in the world and helps our new agents to customize their automatic doors according to different market requirements Ningbo GDoor commits to become a solid...

Categories and Products

Automatic Sliding Door

Automatic Sliding Door Set

Energy-saving Automatic Sliding Doors Automatic Sliding Door Operator with Breakout Slimline Automatic Sliding Doors for Office Buildings Automatic Sliding Door Operators with Control Systems Automatic Telescopic Sliding Doors with Double Drive Motors Reliable and Powerful Automatic Telescopic Door Operator Interior Glass Automatic Sliding Door Systems Automatic Curved Sliding Door with Multi-functions Automatic Sliding Doors with Panic Full Breakout Automatic Sliding Doors with Access Control for Commerial Automatic Sliding Doors for Company Entrances Automatic Sliding Doors with Aluminum Alloy Profiles Automatic Sliding Doors with Glasses Slimline Automatic Sliding Doors for Commercial Use Automatic Sliding Doors for Business Building Entrances Exterior Automatic Sliding Door Operators Aluminum Profiles for Automatic Sliding Door Operators Exterior Automatic Sliding Door Operators for Commercial Automatic Sliding Door Operators with Aluminum Alloy Automatic Sliding Door Operators 6063 Aluminum Profiles 

Automatic Sliding Door Operator

Bearing Capacity Automatic Sliding Door Operators with PSA Heavy Duty Automatic Sliding Door Dunker Motors Light Commercial Automatic Sliding Door Operator Small-sized Automatic Sliding Door Operators Double Motors Big Mac Automatic Telescopic Sliding Door Operators Aluminum Rail Automatic Telescopic Door Operators Creative Automatic Curved Sliding Door Interior Automatic Sliding Door with Double Motive Leafs Automatic Sliding Door Heavy Duty Operator Telescopic Sliding Door Operators with Large Door Leafs Double Motors Small-sized Automatic Sliding Door Operators Customized Automatic Sliding Door Operators Stronge Profile for Automatic Sliding Door Operators Automatic Sliding Door Operators with German Motors Eagle 6 Radars for Automatic Sliding Door Operators Telescopic Sliding Door Operators for Commercial Exterior Automatic Telescopic Door Operators for Entrances Electro-mechanical Locks For Telescopic Door Strong Carrying Capacity Automatic Sliding Door Operator Automatic Door with Less Malfunction for Interior Areas 

Automatic Sliding Door Parts

High Strength Supporting Beams for Automatic Door Operators Imported Dunkermotoren Motors for Automatic Door Operators Anti-slip Running Carriage Sets for Automatic Doors Adjustable Carriage Wheels for Automatic Sliding Doors UPS Back Up Battery for 30-minute Supply Safe Reliable Electronic Mechanical Locks for Doors Electronic Mechanical Locks with Reliable Performance Infrared Radar with Adjustable Inductive Range Drive Units with Motors and Decelerators Self-developed PSA control panel for Automatic Doors 6063 Aluminum Alloy Supporting Beams for Telescopic Doors Eagle 6 Radars forAutomatic Telescopic Door Automatic Telescopic Sliding Door Operators for Entrances Interior Partitions Powerful Automatic Door 

Automatic Telescopic Door

Automatic Telescopic Door Set

Automatic Telescopic Sliding Doors with Big Door Leafs Double Motor Drive Automatic Telescopic Doors Automatic Telescopic Sliding Doors for Office Buildings Automatic Telescopic Sliding Doors for Hospital Use Reliable Automatic Telescopic Sliding Door Operators Adjustable Automatic Telescopic Sliding Door Operators Automatic Multi-functions Telescopic Door Operators Automatic Telescopic Door Operators with Dunker Motors Telescopic Auto Slide Doors with Compact Door Body Philips Microchip for Telescopic Automatic Door Operators Telescopic Automatic Doors for Spacious Main Entrances Large Entrance Telescopic Automatic Sliding Doors Heavy duty Automatic Telescopic Sliding Doors Gdoor Automatic Telescopic Sliding Door 

Automatic Telescopic Sliding Door Operator

Telescopic Sliding Door Operators with Philips Microchips Automatic Telescopic Sliding Door Operators Telescopic Sliding Door Operators with Noiseless Operation Telescopic Sliding Door Operators with Special Nylon Rail CE Automatic Telescopic Sliding Door Operators Automatic Telescopic Sliding Door Operators with Photocells Automatic Telescopic Door Operators With BreakOut Telescopic Sliding Door Operators with Self-test Function Commercial Telescopic Sliding Door Operators 

Automatic Telescopic Door Parts

Bi-stable Electronic Mechanical Locks Unique Idler Pulleys for Automatic Telescopic Sliding Doors Special Carriage Sets for Telescopic Sliding Doors Four-wheel Running Carriage Sets Strong Drive Units with Imported Motors Supporting Beams with Auxiliary Supporting Beams Toothed Belts for Belt Pulleys Imported Double Drive Motors for Telescopic Sliding Doors 

Automatic Curved Sliding Door

Automatic Curved Sliding Door Set

Circular Automatic Curved Sliding Doors Automatic Curved Sliding Doors with Outstanding Performance Automatic Curved Sliding Doors with Multiple Functions Segmental Automatic Curved Sliding Doors Semi-circular Automatic Curved Sliding Doors Combined Automatic Curved Sliding Doors Automatic Curved Sliding Doors with Interlock Function Automatic Curved Sliding Doors with Access Control System 

Automatic Curved Sliding Door Operator

Circular Automatic Curved Sliding Door Operators for Hotels Automatic Imported Motor Curved Sliding Door Operators Curved Sliding Door Operators with PSA Automatic Curved Sliding Door Operators for Commercial Semi-circular Automatic Curved Sliding Door Operators Combined Automatic Curved Sliding Door Operators Automatic Curved Sliding Door Operators with Interlock Curved Sliding Door Operators with Access Control System 

Automatic Curved Sliding Door Parts

Curved Supporting Beams for Curved Sliding Door Operators Imported Motors for Curved Sliding Door Operators Locks for Curved Sliding Door Operators Back Up Battery for Automatic Curved Sliding Door Heavy Load-bearing Carriage Sets for Curved Sliding Door Deformed Belts for Sliding Door Operators Control Units for Automatic Curved Sliding Door Operators Sensitive Radars for Curved Sliding Door Operators 

Hermetic Door

Hermetic Door Set

Hermetic Doors with Foot Inductive Switches Anti-radiation Hermetic Sliding Doors for Hospitals Anti-radiation Hermetic Doors for Operating Rooms Hermetic Doors with Aluminum Profiles High Strength Glass for Hermetic Doors Aluminum Panels for Hermetic Doors Hermetic Doors with Access Control System Hermetic Doors with Aluminum Door Frames for Hospitals Aluminum Door Frames for Hermetic Doors Automatic Hermetic Sliding Doors for X-ray Rooms Automatic Hermetic Sliding Doors with Access Control System Hermetic Doors with Inductive Switches Automatic Hermetic Sliding Doors with Lead Panels Medical Hermetic Doors with Anti-collision Belt Medical Hermetic Doorsets with High Hygiene Requirements Medical Sealing Sliding Doorsets For Hospital Hermetic Doors with Vibrant Proof Sealings for Hospitals Medical Slide Doors with Excellent Hermetic Effect Noiseless Medical Hermetic Doors for Hospitals Medical Hermetic Doors High Quality Sliding Door Operators 

Hermetic Door Operator

Hermetic Door Operators with Access Control System Hermetic Door Operators with Inductive Switches Hermetic Door Operators with Imported Motors Hermetic Door Operators with Back Up Battery Hermetic Door Operators with High Strength Supporting Beams Heavy Duty Hermetic Door Operators for Hospitals Hermetic Door Operators with Creative Structure Hermetic Door Operators with Anti-slip Carriage Sets Electronic Hermetic Sliding Door Operators Hermetic Sliding Door Operators with Wireless Switches Dunker Motors for Electronic Sliding Door Operators Hospital Door Automatic Hermetic Sliding Door Operators Hermetic Sliding Doors with Heavy Duty Operators 

Hermetic Door Parts

Microwave Radars for Hermetic Doors PSA Panels with Adjustable Parameters Imported Motors for Hospital Hermetic Doors UPS Back Up Battery for Hermetic Door Operators Anti-slip Idle Pulleys for Hermetic Door Operators Running Carriage Sets for Hospital Hermetic Doors Powerful Drive Units with Imported Dunkermotoren Motors Reliable Electronic Mechanical Locks PSA Panels with Adjustable Parameters for Hospitals Drive Units for Hermetic Sliding Door Operators Good Aluminum Profiles for Automatic Sliding Door Operators Eagle 6 Radars for Automatic Sliding Door Imported German Motors for Hospital Hermetic Sliding Doors Back Up Battery for Automatic Hermetic Sliding Doors Hermetic Door Operators with Reversed Wheels 24V Electronic Mechanical Locks for Sliding Door 

Interior Automatic Door

Interior Automatic Door Set

Interior Automatic Sliding Door for Kitchen Interior Automatic Sliding Door for Study Interior Automatic Sliding Door for Balcony Interior Automatic Sliding Door for House Entrances Interactive Automatic Sliding Doors for Interior Use Interior Automatic Sliding Doors with KABA Operators Interior Automatic Sliding Doors for Household Accesses Homeuse Automatic Sliding Doors with Double Active Leafs Interactive Automatic Sliding Doors Advanced Home Access Interactive Sliding Doors for Small Space Partitions Automatic Sliding Doors with Interactive Door Leaves Smart Home Interactive Sliding Doors 

Interior Automatic Door Operator

Interior Automatic Sliding Door Operators Bottom Bearing Interior Automatic Sliding Door Operators Interactive Interior Automatic Sliding Door Operators Interior Electronic Sliding Door Operators Bottom Bearing Household Balanced Door Leafs Household Balanced Doors with Imported Openers Household Balanced Doors with Central Pivots Household Balanced Doors with Diverse Glass Materials Small-sized Balanced Doors for Household Upper Driving Interactive Sliding Door Operators Auto Interactive Door Operators With Eagle6 Radar Interactive Automatic Door Operators with Motive Door Leafs Interactive Sliding Door Operators with Floor Mats Ditec Openers for Household Balanced Doors Central Pivots for Household Balanced Doors Special Door Leaf Profiles for Household Balanced Doors Automatic Residential Door Operators for Interior Interactive Auto Slide Doors with Obstacle Return Function Interior Residential Doors for Home Space Optimization 

Interior Automatic Door Parts

Interior Automatic Sliding Door Operators With Dunkermotor Anti-slip Interactive Automatic Door Powerful Drive Units for Interior Automatic Door Operators BackUp Battery Automatic Sliding Door Diverse Sensors for Interactive Automatic Sliding Doors Control Units Interactive Automatic Sliding Door Operators Imported Central Pivots for Household Balanced Doors 

Automatic Swing Door

Automatic Swing Door Set

Automatic Swing Doors for Office Buildings Automatic Swing Doors for Entrances Automatic Swing Doors for Conference Rooms Automatic Swing Doors for Interior Passage Partition Automatic Swing Doors with Single Parting Automatic Swing Doors for Double Parting Automatic Swing Doors with Access Control System Automatic Swing Doors with Advanced Management Function Access Control System for Automatic Swing Doors Double Parting for Automatic Swing Doors Single Parting for Automatic Swing Doors Safety two-wing revolving door 22 set sensor Large Venue Unequal Double Door 

Automatic Swing Door Operator

Dorma Openers for Automatic Swing Door Use Excellent Performance Dorma Openers for Swing Doors Dorma Openers for Automatic Swing Doors Dorma Openers with Excellent Performance for Swing Doors Famous Geze Openers for Automatic Swing Door Use Geze Openers with Reliable Performance for Swing Doors Geze Closers for Automatic Swing Doors Imported Dorma Openers for Automatic Swing Doors 

Automatic Swing Door Parts

Dorma Openers for Diverse Automatic Swing Doors Swing Doors with Excellent-Performed Geze Openers High Standard Geze Closers for Automatic Swing Doors Electrical Plug-in Locks with Built-in Microchips Aluminum Locksets and Handles for Automatic Swing Doors Hinges with Scientific Design for Automatic Swing Doors Aluminum Door Leafs for Automatic Swing Doors Automatic Swing Doors with Aluminum Door Leafs Built-in Microchips for Electrical Plug-in Locks Imported Geze Closers for Automatic Swing Doors Excellent Geze Openers for Swing Door Use Aluminum Handles for Automatic Swing Doors Automatic Swing Doors with High Standard Geze Closers Reliable Electrical Plug-in Locks for Automatic Swing Doors Geze Openers for Diverse Swing Doors Small Hardware for Aluminum Door Leafs Complicated Workmanship Hinges for Automatic Swing Doors Aluminum Door Leafs for Swing Doors Automatic Swing Doors build of Aluminum Door Leafs 

Automatic Revolving Door

Two-wing Automatic Revolving Door Set

Two leaves Auto Revolving Door With CE Two-wing Automatic Revolving Doors with Three Functions Two-wing Automatic Revolving Doors for Commercial Use Two-wing Automatic Revolving Doors with Multiple Functions Safe Designed Two-wing Automatic Revolving Doors High Quality Two-wings Electronic Revolving Doors Safety Two-wing Automatic Revolving Doors Three in One Two-wings Automatic Revolving Doors Load-bearing Two-wing Revolving Doors With CE Certificate Two-wing Automatic Revolving Doors Scientific Design Customization Two-wings Automatic Revolving Doors Commercial Two-wing Automatic Revolving Doors Two-wing Automatic Revolving Doors with Various Functions Automatic Two Wing Revolving Doors with Display Case Automatic Two-Wing Revolving Doors for Large Passage Two-Wing Automatic Revolving Doors Large Entrance Exterior Entrances with Commercial Two Wing Revolving Doors Two Wing Revolving Doors with Powerful Automatic Operators Commercial Two-wing Revolving Doors for Shopping Malls Commerical automatic revolving door 

Three/four-wing Automatic Revolving Door Set

Classic Three-wing Automatic Revolving Door For Hotel Classic Three-wing Revolving Doors with Windproof Function Three-wing Revolving Doors with Thermal Insulation Function Classic Three-wing Revolving Doors with Three Modes Three Modes for Three-wing Automatic Revolving Doors Commercial Four-wing Revolving Doors with Speed Control Four-wing Revolving Doors with different Structures Drum Wall Load-bearing for Four-wing Revolving Doors Four-wing Revolving Doors with Solid Structure Four-wing Automatic Revolving Door with fire alarm Four-wing Automatic Revolving Door with manual mode Four-wing Automatic Revolving Doors for Commercial Use Stable Four-wing Revolving Doors for Main Entrances Four-wing Revolving Doors for Conference Centers Windproof Function for Classic Three-wing Revolving Doors Automatic Three-Wing Revolving Doors for Commercial Commercial Three Wing Revolving Doors for Large Entrances Speed Control Commercial Three Wing Revolving Doors Three Wing Automatic Revolving Doors with Display Case Three-wing Automatic Revolving Doors with Curved Wall 

All Glass Automatic Revolving Door Set

Glass Revolving Doors with Advanced Safety Functions All Glass Revolving Doors with Force-sensitive Door Leafs All Glass Revolving Doors with Torque Control Function All Glass Revolving Doors with Central Control System All Glass Revolving Doors with Horizontal Safety All Glass Automatic Revolving Doors with Breakout Function All Glass Automatic Revolving Doors with Night Security All Glass Automatic Revolving Doors With CE All Glass Revolving Doors with Sensors and Switches Bespoke Full Vision Revolving Doors for Commercial Complex All Glass Revolving Doors with Full Vision 

Automatic Revolving Door Parts

Automatic Sliding Door Operators for Revolving Doors Microwave Radars for Automatic Revolving Doors Multiple Materials for Automatic Revolving Door Wings Multiple Sensors and Switches for Revolving Doors Disabled Access Function for Automatic Revolving Doors Emergency Stop Function for Automatic Revolving Doors Access Control System for Automatic Revolving Doors Safety Sensor for Automatic Revolving Doors Automatic Hotel Revolving Door Three Wings Automatic Revolving Doors Automatic Glass Revolving Door GDoor Large Diameter Automatic Revolving Door 

Hospital Access Supervisory Control and Management System

Hospital Main Entrance Door

Automatic Sliding Doors GS601 for Hospitals Automatic Sliding Doors GS601 with PSA Panels Energy-saving Automatic Sliding Doors for Hospitals Sliding Door Operators with High Strength Supporting Beams Dunkermotoren Motors for Sliding Door Operators Drive Units with Imported Motors and Decelerators Eagle 6 Radars with Adjustable Induction Range Electro-mechanical Locks for Hospital Main Entrance Doors 

Anti-radiation Hermetic Door for Hospital

Automatic Sliding Hermetic Door for Hospital Anti-radiation Hermetic Doors for Hospitals Multifunctional Hermetic Doors for Operating Rooms PSA Control PanelS for Hermetic Sliding Doors Hospital X-ray Room Automatic Hermetic Sliding Door Hermetic Sliding Doors with Access Control System High Strength Aluminum for Hermetic Automatic Sliding Doors Operating Rooms with Anti-radiation Hermetic Doors Hot sale Automatic Hospital Hermetic Door 

Hospital Access Partition Door

Automatic Sliding Doors for Access Partitions Reliable Automatic Swing Doors for Hospital Use Automatic Access Partition Doors for Hospitals Access Partition Doors with Diverse Surface Treatments Slimline Automatic Sliding Doors for Hospital Access Automatic Telescopic Sliding Doors for Hospitals Automatic Swing Door Operator Systems for Hospitals Automatic Swing Doors for Hospital Access Partitions 

ICU Ward Door for Hospital

Automatic Swing Hermetic Hospital Door Automatic Swing Doors for ICU Wards ICU Ward Automatic Sliding Doors ICU Ward Automatic Access Partition Doors Automatic Sliding Doors for ICU Wards Automatic Access Partition Doors for ICU Wards Hospital ICU Ward Automatic Hermetic Sealing Door Hermetic Doors for ICU Wards 

Automatic Balanced Door

Commercial Automatic Balanced Door

Automatic Balanced Doors with Aluminum Profiles Imported Openers for Balanced Doors Balanced Doors for Plaza 

Household Automatic Balanced Door

Automatic Household Balanced Doors for Study Household Balanced Doors with Make-to-measure Door Leafs Customized Household Balanced Doors for Interior Use Household Balanced Doors with Ditec Openers Home use Balanced Doors with Strength Aluminum Profiles Automatic Household Balanced Doors with Imported Openers 

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